25 Silly Dogs Who Messed With Bees And Regretted It

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Oh, pooches. Don't eat bees.

They say curiosity is a cat's problem - but if you have a dog, you know they're just as interested in the world around them as any feline. Walking a dog is basically trying to control an excited smelling machine who just needs to see what EVERYTHING is. Is that a squirrel over there? Gotta go check. Do I see another dog coming towards me? Better get ready to greet that dog by smelling its butt. Dogs have to be all up in everyone's business all the time, because they love being around humans!

Sometimes, though, dogs' instinct for investigation leads them down a path they probably shouldn't be taking. If you own a dog, you've probably caught them eating something they shouldn't, whether it's mysterious poop in the yard, or the shoes you just spent $200 on. Dogs gotta taste stuff, man! They smell it, and then they taste it. That's how they investigate. Well, these puppers investigated some bees, which turned out to be a BIG mistake. Bee stings don't just affect humans - dogs (and cats) can swell up and get red too. Enjoy these photos of some dogs who ate something they definitely shouldn't have. (And don't worry - they all turned out okay in the end.) Get Started