39 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Cats That You Won't Believe Are Real

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You couldn't take these if you tried.

We all know that unless you catch them sleeping, cats aren't going to sit still for a picture, which makes these mid-action shots of various felines all the more amazing. Are any of these crazy cats messing with their owners? One cat looks like he has his very own rocket launcher. Several cats we found seem to be able to fly despite everything we believe about felines. Some of the best pictures are when you can catch a curious kitty in the middle of creating a domestic catastrophe, usually by knocking something over or spilling something. Then there are perfectly timed photos that are optical illusions -- a cat may look four feet long or like it is growing out of a human being -- that you couldn't reproduce if you tried. One cat we found has even seemed to master the art of levitation. Don't believe us? Click through the following images and prepare to be wowed by the uncanny timing! Get Started