29 Dogs Sleeping In Hilarious Positions

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In Dog World, everywhere is a bed.

They say to let sleeping dogs lie ... but does that apply when the said dog is sleeping on your gear shift? As it turns out, yes. Then you should take a picture of it and put it on the Internet. Then, who knows? Maybe it will end up on Topix. (It will definitely end up on Topix.) Speaking of which, we've assembled the funniest pics of dogs sleeping in the darnedest places -- and man, do these doggos know how to nap. As it turns out, dogs will nap literally anywhere they want as long as they are tired and the floor is not made out of lava. Just check out these 29 doggos who walked into a room one day and decided it would be their new bed. Some of them didn't really think it through, though, and ended up in hilariously compromising positions. Ah well, sometimes being a dog is hard. All that running and fetching and rolling over and being petted can really take a lot out of you. Then you just gotta crawl into whatever nearby spot looks comfortable and roll up into a ball or other similarly weird shape, and then drool to your heart's content! Get Started