31 Cats Who Regret Everything That's Happening Right Now

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Embarrassed cats are the best cats.

Cats are an endless source of amusement -- the internet figured this out long ago. There's a reason people constantly joke about the internet basically being a repository for funny cat pics, and that reason is because that statement is entirely true. Basically it's that and having a place like Twitter where you can shout at celebrities, those are the only two valid reasons for the internet's existence. OK, and maybe because of the fact it connects everyone in the world all at once and serves as a global communications hub, bringing the entire breadth and scope of human information to the fingertips of anyone who wants it, truly revolutionizing the way we live and feel about information. Sure, that counts too, if you want to be BORING like some sort of NERD.

Anyway, we all know the real reason for the internet is funny cat pics, and nothing is funnier than cats who've gotten themselves into predicaments and are sorely embarrassed about it. They're such haughty creatures in general that there's a part of you that always enjoys seeing them taken down a peg. Ready for some of the funniest images of cats regretting their life choices? Here are 31 of them. Get Started