These Freaky Photos Of Animal Mutations Seem Fake But Are Legit

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It's a strange, strange world.

A mutation is an error in DNA replication that results in an organism displaying unexpected traits. If the traits are desirable, the animals can be bred in a way that favors the mutation, sometimes resulting in a new species. We've all heard of mythical hybrid animals such as the jackalope (half jackrabbit, half antelope), but this article is about mutations that exist in the natural world. Polycephaly, which is having more than one head, sometimes occurs in turtles, snakes, cats, sheep and other animals. Have you ever seen pink dolphins, katydids or grasshoppers? They all exist because of mutations. Albinism, which is a complete lack of pigmentation, and leucism, which is less pigmentation than normal, produce beautiful mutations such as white lions and peacocks. Cyclops animals have one giant eye and tend to not live very long. Did you know there is such a thing as a werewolf cat that resembles a movie werewolf? Even Grumpy Cat, the Internet sensation, is a cat with feline dwarfism.

You'll find a lot of pictures online that purport to be of exotic mutated animals, but most of them are created by Photoshop, not Mother Nature. All the weird and wonderful creatures you'll find in this article are the real deal. Check them out! Get Started